Bitsource the Digital Asset Company

Bitsource is on the world’s largest self-hosted mining operations for Bitcoin and Ethereum. (563 MW of Clean Hydro-Power)

Bitsource Mining

Our Data Centers mine using the lowest energy rates in the industry (direct from power-grid pricing). This allows Bitsource to invest capital and acquire Bitcoin and Ethereum at costs significantly lower than our publicly traded competitors.

Bitsource Advantages

3 Data Centers

563 Megawatt Capacity

10,000 Ethereum Miners

On-Site Repairs & Manufacturing


Bitsource companies hold patents for mining technology and are experienced in data center operations having operated more than 500MW of mining data centers.

Immersion Cooling

Bitsource operates a portion of our miners fully immersed in cooling solutions. We are expanding our solution-cooled miners as efficiency increases.

Global Data Centers

Bitsource is developing data centers across multiple continents.

StartUps and Bitsource Investments

Bitsource Partnerships
Bitsource believes local partnerships are key to success in global mining markets and develops partnerships with companies in each region.

Global Data Centers
Bitsource actively invests in developing global data centers. We typically look to partner to build data centers powered by clean energy.

Bitsource Earn & Emerging Markets
Bitsource actively develops investments in decentralized non-custodial finance (through qualified partners) and in emerging markets.

We allocate capital to the best miners and teams currently available on the market.